Tree Planting Holidays is determined to help to reforest the planet, one tree at a time. Research is showing that replanting is more effective at combating climate change if the trees are able to regenerate the landscape.

In line with this, we have chosen Wales as our first holiday destination, and our aim is to plant 1 million trees as quickly as possible.

Every year, humans fell or burn down another 130,000 square kilometres of forest, which means that we lose at least 10 million trees every day according to the billion tree campaign. We replant ten percent of the trees that we fell.

Trees are an extremely important part of our ecosystem – they provide rain, food, medicine, timber, shelter, oxygen, and much more. They literally help us to breathe- they are the lungs of the planet.



The resort will be a deluxe, sustainable boutique resort, built from the land, and recycled materials where possible so that the holidays are low impact, whilst paying close attention to comfort. This will serve as a venue for people to come and plant the trees with us.

We are on a mission to plant a million trees within 5 years.

We feel that there will be a growing momentum of people who want to help plant trees and can see the importance of helping our planet in this way.

We will be offering a very hands on experience that will provide physical exercise and also give you the satisfaction of feeling like you have actively contributed to the well-being of the planet in a significant way.

We will use solar power, recycle the water, and grow as much of the food needed as possible. We will be offering our clients the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint by planting trees.

We will also be growing sustainable timber as an alternative to cutting down more of indigenous forest. As time goes on, we will be introducing other activities like bee keeping, growing trees for essential oils and much more.

If you would like to get involved in the project in anyway, please get in touch via the Contact Page

To find out about the holidays, the volunteering possibilities, and more, go here Tree Planting Holidays

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Tree Planting Holiday Team!


Offset Your Carbon 




Thank you to  Shrink That Footprint  for this calculator.

This carbon calculator is for personal footprints. All inputs like use, distance, consumption and spend should be an individual’s share.

More countries will be added in due course.

Housing Use Intensity Footprint
Electricity   kWh/yr   kg CO2e/kWh 3.17
Natural gas   therms/yr   kg CO2e/thm 1.05
Fuel Oil   gal/yr   kg CO2e/gal 0.25
LPG   gal/yr   kg CO2e/gal 0.14
Waste   lbs/week   kg CO2e/lbs 0.32
Water   gal/day   kg CO2e/gal 0.28
Travel Distance Intensity Footprint
Car   miles/yr   g CO2e/mi 5.65
Motorcycle   miles/yr   g CO2e/mi 0.02
Bus   miles/yr   g CO2e/mi 0.07
Rail   miles/yr   g CO2e/mi 0.02
Taxi   miles/yr   g CO2e/mi 0.03
Air   miles/yr   g CO2e/mi 0.70
Food Consumption Intensity Footprint
Beef, lamb   kCal/day   g CO2e/kCal 0.88
Chicken, pork   kCal/day   g CO2e/kCal 0.38
Dairy   kCal/day   g CO2e/kCal 0.51
Cereals, bread   kCal/day   g CO2e/kCal 0.13
Vegetables   kCal/day   g CO2e/kCal 0.12
Fruit   kCal/day   g CO2e/kCal 0.15
Oils, spreads   kCal/day   g CO2e/kCal 0.14
Snacks   kCal/day   g CO2e/kCal 0.03
Drinks   kCal/day   g CO2e/kCal 0.12
Products Expenditure Intensity Footprint
Electrical   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.41
Household   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.64
Clothes   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.49
Medical   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.39
Recreational   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.60
Other products   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.46
Services Expenditure Intensity Footprint
Health   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.90
Financial   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.34
Recreation   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.74
Education   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.13
Vehicle   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.26
Communication   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.10
Other services   $/month   kg CO2e/$ 0.36


Carbon Offsetting


For carbon offset purposes, we estimate you would need to plant 5 trees per one tonne of carbon emissions. 1 hectare of of forest can sequester between 3oo -400 tonnes of carbon or more over a period of twenty years.

In 2011, Duncan Clark of The Guardian wrote; “Offset schemes vary widely in terms of cost, though a fairly typical fee would be around £8/ $12 for each tonne of C02 offset. At this price, a typical British family would pay £45 to neutralise a years worth of gas & electricity use.” 

A 1.4 to 2.0 litre diesel car will produce 1 tonne of carbon emissions for every 6000 kilometres travelled. A return flight to Nairobi from the UK for 1 person is equivalent to 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions.

If you emit over 1,000 tonnes of carbon via flights, energy use, travel, domestic use or food miles etc, you will need to plant approximately 3 hectares of of forest each year to compensate.

These are all examples of some of the ways that produce emissions in our daily lives. Try the calculator to find out you or your families carbon emissions and then we would be happy to plant trees on your behalf to compensate for your carbon emissions.  Either contribute via the Contribution Page or email us with any questions you have via the Contact Page