Tree Planting Holidays is thrilled to announce that Morna Simpson has become our very first monthly donor, giving £10 per month to plant a tree in her name. Thank you Morna and I look forward to planting them for you!

Planting Trees

Morna says-
I am delighted to be able to help and to know that the cash will be spent on planting trees! 
Payments will start on the 13th of July and will continue monthly. 
The payment amount will be £10.00
I am really happy to help – in fact I am excited to be helping. Here is why…
1. I want to do something positive for the planet – but have a busy life and struggle to figure out how I can while living quite an ordinary life – with a car!
2. I believe planting trees could actually permanently  reverse the hole in the ozone for good – and (with other good things that are happening – clean fuel etc Go Elon Musk!) eventually we will live on a clean planet
3. Reversing my personal footprint is what I am aiming for… this is the first step… there will be others!!
4. It is also spiritual for me – I already feel lighter for doing this
5. It is an ambition of mine to help people I know with finance so that they can flourish – it is a tiny but important step because it demonstrates intention – and as my own income grows I will find others that I can give to in this way
6. I have reservations about the ethics of big charities – but have confidence in passionate individuals
I am sure that some of my reasons will resonate with others – and hope that will help you a little with your marketing and sales. 
Many thanks to you Morna for believing in the project and for generously committing to one tree a month for the next few years.
If this is something that could be of interest to you, we would be happy to hear from you! You can donate via Paypal as little or as much as you like, or you can contact us for our bank details. We ask that £10 be the minimum that you send due to bank charges and Paypal charges. Thank you.
N.B. We are not a charity. We are a for profit company that will be taking living wages and expenses etc out of the profits of the company. We intend to put back as much as we can into the project until it no longer needs us to do so. Any questions, please get in touch – – this is also the Paypal address for donations. No spam please.