What is a Food Forest?

Forests are part of our heritage and more than 1 billion people across the planet depend on forests for their livelihood. Forests play a major part in helping to stabilise the climate, and they provide food, shelter, wood, & medicines for us as well as many of the...

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Why The Tropics?

    By Nicole Schwab Today, in my third and last post of this series on Treesisters’ Reforestation Strategy, I want to say a few words about our geographic focus. Our starting point, once again, was Clare’s initial mission statement, namely that Treesisters...

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How to Look After Your Back When Planting Trees

In order to prepare for this project, I decided that I would need to look into the back ache that had been niggling me since I was in my twenties. A million trees is a lot of planting and I wanted to be in fine fettle in order to tackle the task in hand. Charlie...

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Is Climate Change Real?

There is little doubt that within the scientific community, there is a consensus that man has affected the climate to such a degree that scientists are almost unanimous- which has not been seen very often before in the scientific community! Having reached the...

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What is Biochar?

What is Biochar & Why Use It? Using biochar is an ancient tradition that spans back over two thousand years. The basic principal is that biomass is carbonised and then added to the soil to improve the soil quality, sequester the carbon in the ground and prevent...

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