Using Grey Water to be Sustainable

What is Grey Water? When considering planting a million trees in Africa, one of the biggest headaches is water. A young sapling requires watering every day for the first few months of it's life, and then once a week until it is around 4 years old. By this age, the...

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How Does Carbon Off Setting Work?

Carbon Offsetting - How Does It Work? The World Resources Institute defines a carbon offset as "a unit of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e) that is reduced, avoided, or sequestered to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere”. The University of Oxford Environmental...

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How Far Have You Flown In Your Life?

Have you ever considered how far you have travelled by air? It is a question that has often puzzled me as I spent 17 years  in international sales for a security company and also have an enormous love of travel. This week whilst I was visiting family in the north of...

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The Skillsets that We Are Looking For….

Tree Planting Holidays The aim of the project is to create a working, sustainable forest to combat the effects of climate change, create micro industries to benefit the local communities, help reverse the effects of deforestation and to provide holidays for those that...

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What Can We Learn From Trees?

Trees are fabulous! They are the lungs of the planet. They do an amazing job for us- they take our waste product (carbon dioxide) and they turn it into what we breathe- oxygen. They are very adept at removing toxins from the environment and they can store phenomenal...

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How Did Tree Planting Holidays Come About?

Welcome to our first blog! As I look back on the very short journey that got me to the point where I am writing a blog about our new project, I am amazed at how quickly it seems to be coming together! My background is international sales and I did that for 17 years. I...

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