How You Can Help

How You Can Help Tree Planting Holidays?


Our Aim : To plant 1 million trees to help the planet. 


We are at the very beginning of the project.  We are learning about forestry, irrigation, planting orchards, composting, permaculture, and much more. Not a small task!
Can you help in anyway? We will be collecting knowledge and equipment so that we can plant our million trees, We have chosen Wales as the location for the project and are currently looking for the land.
If you would like to get involved, here is a list of the equipment we are going to need to source….
Spades, forks, trowels, spades, hoses, watering cans, gardening gloves, plant pots, hoes, pruning shears, saws, hammers, spirit levels, wheel barrows, ladders and so on… if you have any of those lying around that you can donate and get to us easily, please get in touch.
Big equipment 
Shipping containers, farm equipment, green houses, poly tunnels, irrigation equipment,…
Bedside tables, lamps, chairs, writing desks, beds, wardrobes, garden furniture….
Guests for the Podcast
Are you an expert in a field that may be relevant to or benefit the project, or a green lifestyle? Please get in touch!
We need someone who can draw to be able to show our ideas to others- they are hard to share when they are in our head.
We need an architect, an electrician, a window and door specialist, and other specialists to translate our ideas into a concrete plan.
We would love to speak to someone who knows all about permaculture and especially regenerating land.
Can you spare a couple of hours to help? We have research that needs doing, as well as admin, sales and website updating. We can always use a spare pair of hands.
Can you raise some funds?
We will be adding other ways of contributing financially in the next few weeks, or you can email us and we will let you know how you can contribute.
Do you know anyone that may be interested in helping?
We have launched the podcast Passion for the Planet, and started our social media campaigns. We will be adding information about what has been donated as it happens, or on the blog. Please check back regularly for updated information.
If you would like to take a look at our Sponsorship Opportunities – go here –
Founding Partner Sponsorship Opportunities 
Here is what our first donor has said and she has just set up a standing order to pay for a tree a month-
“Hi Caroline
I am delighted to be able to help and to know that the cash will be spent on planting trees!
Payments will start on the 13th of July and will continue monthly.
The payment amount will be £10.00
I am really happy to help – in fact I am excited to be helping. Here is why…
1. I want to do something positive for the planet – but have a busy life and struggle to figure out how I can while living quite an ordinary life – with a car!
2. I believe planting trees could actually permanently  reverse the hole in the ozone for good – and (with other good things that are happening – clean fuel etc Go Elon Musk!) eventually we will live on a clean planet
3. Reversing my personal footprint is what I am aiming for… this is the first step… there will be others!!
4. It is also spiritual for me – I already feel lighter for doing this
5. It is an ambition of mine to help people I know with finance so that they can flourish – it is a tiny but important step because it demonstrates intention – and as my own income grows I will find others that I can give to in this way
6. I have reservations about the ethics of big charities – but have confidence in passionate individuals
I am sure that some of my reasons will resonate with others – and hope that will help you a little with your marketing and sales.”
Thank you Morna! Are you able to contribute to the project? Our minimum that we would accept would be £10 per month, but you can give whatever you like above that. Alternatively, if you would like to make a one off donation, you can do that as well. Simply send a gift or payment to on Paypal, or contact us for our bank details if you prefer to make a bank transfer
N.B. We are not a charity. We are a for profit organisation that will be taking out a living wage and the rest will go back into the project minus expenses and costs.


Thank you for your support!


The Tree Planting Holidays Team!