Come Join Us!

Tree Planting Holidays will be employing as much as possible from the local workforce when the project is set up.

In the meantime, we are starting to open up opportunities for 5 posts within the project.

The project has sustainable and ethical objectives and will be planting a forest and growing food and plants for feeding the project and selling to the local population. We will be running workshops or conservation holidays that cater to the general public, and also to those that struggle with PTSD, like ex-servicemen, mental health issues and disabilities.

We aim to build Celtic Round Houses and hobbit houses for the accommodation and then other buildings sustainably for the shop, restaurant, and other accommodation.

Whilst the project is not going to be run as a One Planet Development, the following part is. We are looking for the main jobs to be filled by persons wanting to live in a OPD manner. The jobs on offer for this project that will be within but separate to the project are as follows-

1- Operations and Logistics Manager. 

2– Forest Manager

3- Sales and Marketing Manager

4- Head Chef

5- Head of Finance

Each if these posts require previous relevant experience, and a passion for the planet and conservation.

As part of the project, each of the above posts will be given up to an acre on the site to build their own house and live in with their family. Each plot will be separate and make up part of the whole and the One Planet Development will include all five of these residences.

The project will be open to the public from March 1 to Boxing Day inclusive and the 2 months of Jan and Feb will be taken as leave or helping around the project to mend, fix and amend the infrastructure, stock take etc. Holidays will not be permitted to be taken in June, July, Aug or September unless previously agreed with the management as this will be the main time for visitors.

The salary will reflect the land donation and we are considering a share in the profits as a possible payment scheme, after year 1, which will be the build year.

Job opportunities:

1- Operations and Logistic Manager – you will have experience running a large project or operation. You will be responsible for the overall running of the project, setting up best practices, and finding solutions to problems as they arise. You will work with the forest manager, the head of finance and the head chef, ensuring that they have all they need in a timely manner. You will also create procedures, be responsible for health and safety throughout the project and any other duties that fall within your remit.

2- Forest Manager – you will have experience with both new and established forest management, fire and safety regulations and also a considerable knowledge of trees that are indigenous to the UK and Wales. You may have a large number of volunteers and there will be an element of teaching in your post. You will work with the workshops and conservation holidays so must enjoy working with the public and be responsible for making sure they are run efficiently and effectively and any other duties that fall within your remit.

3- Sales and Marketing Manager- You will have successful experience in sales and marketing green initiatives, and a thorough understanding of OPD and sustainability and the aims of the project. You will be responsible for selling both the project, the holidays, and the products, as well as getting us into the media. In the first instance you will have experience finding sponsors for the project, and providing marketing materials for use by interested parties. This could include films, pamphlets and posters etc and any other duties that fall within your remit.

4- Head Chef. You will be responsible for the kitchen staff, bar and restaurant staff as well as the menu. You will have a wide range of dishes and menus that you can offer- around 70% or more of the dishes offered will be vegetarian with some vegan options. We aim to provide restaurant standard food, high teas, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will also be responsible for providing space in the kitchen for jam, sauce, oil and other product making for sale in the shop and farmers markets, especially when the harvest is coming in. The food you cook will become more and more grown on the project as time moves on so a seasonal menu will be preferable. You will be able to choose the build of the kitchen if you are with us in time. You will also be responsible for any other duties that fall within your remit.

5 -Head of Finance– you will be experienced in running the finances for a project of this size. You will have a working understanding of sustainability and demonstrate knowledge of wage paying, grant application, and have good contacts within the business community. You will run the inventory and pay the wages as well as manage the shareholders and profits.  You will also be responsible for any other duties that fall within your remit.

As yet, the funding for the project is not in place, nor is the land. We are looking to start around March 2018, so applications for the posts above are open. If you are interested in joining us, please send a resume, and some information about why you would be a good fit for the project, as well as your opinion as to why it is important to be sustainable and how your experience can help us. And if you are able to raise some funds, please tell us about it!

All job descriptions and details in this post are likely to change as we find the land and the funding so it is important that in the first instance you are flexible. We are looking for people with a can do attitude who want to help us turn this from an idea into a thriving successful business, helping those who need our help whilst planting a forest for tomorrow’s generations.

Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested.  Deadline for applications is the 30th October 2017 and we will let you know if you are successfully chosen for an interview in due course.

Please send applications or questions to info @

If you are able to help us raise funds for the project, please also send an email to the above email address.

Thank you for your interest in our project.