Tree Planting Holidays is very excited to announce that we will be working in conjunction with CETMA to get the project going. 

CETMA (Community Engagement, Technology, Media & Arts) is a not for profit social enterprise that provides social engagement, training, health and well-being through the development of unique sustainable projects for individuals, organisations and businesses.

Founded in 2008, CETMA has steadily evolved throughout the years into becoming a prominent presence in the local community, helping launch projects with a social focus, like Tree Planting Holidays.

CETMA can support the project with the following services and they share our passion for the environment and helping those who need more help in society.

Jonathan Williams, Managing Director of CETMA brings with him many years experience in obtaining funding through grants, which will be invaluable when we are fund-raising. He says-

“Here at Cetma we pride ourselves on our community involvement and we take pride on our standing in the community.”

Keith Evans, the Media Director, explains “We always try to present the most professional projects we can for the enjoyment of people of all ages.”

Other projects they are involved with include:

Walking Well Carmarthenshire

Fair Trade Wales

Hub Cymru Africa

Digital Inclusion Charter for organisations in Wales

Llanelli Community Partnership

Equality Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire Time Credits

Carmarthenshire Adult & Community Learning Partnership

Agored Cymru Registered Centre

Un Sir Gar & Natural Resources Wales registered waste carrier


Google Developers

Open Source Champions

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

Tree Planting Holidays is very excited to be working with them as they have expertise in areas that we do not, especially extensive local contacts and grant applications.

We are setting up a project which aims to plant a lot of trees whilst offering holidays to those that would like to come and help us plant the trees. We will also be working with ex-servicemen, people with all manner of illnesses and children’s groups to provide outdoor activities, employment opportunities and a healing environment.

We are currently looking for land in in South West Wales, and sorting out the structure of the business. We want to include a part of the business that adheres to One Planet Living, and we are going to be recruiting along those lines.

We are getting there with the business plan and the figures needed for the launch and the funding. It is an exciting time. If you would like to be involved in anyway with the project, or the fund-raising, we would love to hear from you- contact details below.

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