Who We Are

 Who Are Tree Planting Holidays?

Our Mission Statement:
“We aim to plant a significant quantity of trees providing food and habitat. We will encourage the participation of the local communities and create micro industries within and around the forest so that it contributes to the economy of the region. Holidays will be offered to those that would like to come and help us plant the forest.”
The Founder: Caroline Nettle 
Caroline Nettle currently lives in Bristol and is passionate about the environment and what we can do to help the planet. Having travelled all over the planet and enjoyed looking at wildlife and nature up close for many years, most recently she joined the Tree Sister organisation in Bristol and it reignited her passion for forests and woodlands.
Having spent 17 years in International Sales and Marketing, some of her strengths include problem solving, team building and customer relations. She fully appreciates the enormity of this project, and says that it is a great lesson in trust!
Caroline is also a BodyTalk Practitioner, and a radio host, has written a few ebooks on a variety of subjects and has published articles about learning to be a better person across a number of article platforms.
Non- Executive Director, Henrietta Siomenoja Omuoreh
Henrietta is a retired Maths teacher who loves to travel since her retirement. She inspires others to be the best version of themselves and she is also passionate about helping Tree Planting Holidays to become a reality.
She has 4 grown up children and her vision is to set up an orphanage in Lagos in the next few years.
Henrietta brings with her years of experience and a vast network of contacts in the business world. She is fully engaged with the ethos of Tree Planting Holidays and we are delighted to welcome her to the team!
Non -Executive Director, Mark Dale
Mark has  been in the event and hospitality industry for over 30 years. He brings with him a good deal of experience in all aspects of catering for others and he specialises in catering, events, community events, and Online/Web business. 10426615_10153021436941874_3593954407906895646_n
He has also assisted with many start -up projects and businesses, and runs two businesses of his own. He has also travelled extensively and understands the tourism industry very well, having worked in it and alongside it for decades.
Mark has been helping with the project since its inception and we value his enthusiasm!
Tree Planting Holidays is a registered company number 9020241 and is based in Bristol, UK.