As of August 1st 2014, Tree Planting Holidays had it’s first sponsor – Social Media Worldwide.

This is how they describe themselves on the website:

“Social Media Worldwide is a social media management and internet marketing service, helping you leverage the power of social media without having to do all the hard work. We manage your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest account each weekday so you can get traffic to your website, generate more leads, make more sales, grow your online presence, and beat your competition…without lifting a finger!”

We are thrilled to announce our first sponsor sign up for the project which makes it so much easier for us going forward. Corinna Essa from Social Media Worldwide kindly agreed to manage our social media accounts for us for the year.

This is fantastic on many levels- social media is extremely important and yet can be very tedious and tiresome, as well as time consuming. We have agreed that she will manage my G+, Facebook and twitter accounts, which will enormously free my time up to get on with other aspects of the project, like fundraising.

Corinna started her career online as a twitter expert, and has been studying trends and tactics in all social media platforms, and when she met and married her now husband Steven Essa, they formed social media worldwide, and now cater to the social media needs of small to medium sized businesses.

One of the great services they offer to you is the chance to manage your social media accounts for 7 days completely free of charge to see whether or not it will help your business.

Part of the reason that I asked them to be a sponsor was because they are always looking for ways to go above and beyond- try Social Media Worldwide for yourself – we highly recommend them! Go here if you are interested in a 7 day free trial –

So the sponsorship package is now ready and can be found on the website under the Get Involved tab.

Now we just have to go and research other potential sponsors and will be adding them as they come on board.

In the meantime. if you have any questions, send us an email to