Why Trees?

Trees breathe in when we breathe out and breathe out so that we can breathe in. They literally are the lungs of the planet.
We seem to take them for granted as an essential part of our fragile eco system here on earth, and yet we are only replanting ten percent of the forest that we are chopping down. This is evidently not sustainable. One in 6 people on the planet derives their livelihood from trees according to the world bank. What this leads to is intense pressure on remaining forests due to logging, fires, and theft.


Happily many tree planting initiatives are happening around the world and we are thrilled to be able to contribute to this movement.
However, trees do not only provide us with oxygen. They provide an enormous array of services to man, beast, bird and insects, and some of these include:
Trees provide fruit and nuts to nourish man, animals and birds.
Trees provide firewood and charcoal to cook meals with and warm houses
Trees provide fertiliser for the soil when their leaves drop
Trees become living wind breaks and fences, which in turn, helps to boost crops
Trees provide medicines to heal man and animal alike
Trees provide resins, tannins, latex, gums and oil for lights
Trees provide textiles
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Trees provide timber for construction of houses and buildings
Trees sequester carbon and water, and contribute to healthy rivers
Trees help to raise the water table
Trees help to anchor the top soil which prevents erosion
Trees provide natural herbicides and pesticides
Trees provide us with paper
Trees create rain – their water vapour evaporates and forms clouds, whiccordis.europa.euh cool the atmosphere
Trees cool the planet by absorbing carbon dioxide during photosynthesis
Planting a tree can literally reduce malnutrition, increase revenues for impoverished communities, improve productivity of the land, house, shelter, and heal humans, whilst actively making a difference to global climate change issues.
Come and plant some trees with us on holiday. Or if you are unable to, but would still like to become involved, you can make a contribution and we will plant the trees on your behalf.
You can also have a tree planted in honour of someone else – Plant a Tree in Memory- to follow. 
However you could chose to support us by sharing our aims with your friends and families to see if it is something that may be of interest to them?
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